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Our beginning is simple, we understood the vacuum that was floating in the academic industry. We were well aware of the fact that our customers were feeling malnourished, inefficient, unproductive and incompetent, and therefore these amalgamation of attributes were affecting their academics. As a result, we sought to push the boundaries of academia, we pooled together expert and professional specialists that could produce work that could be considered brilliance translated onto paper. We built a system that enabled a craft such as writing to become innovative, ingenious, creative and without any limitations, however being within the boundaries of specifications provided by our esteemed customer.

We are duly aware of the compromises and inhibitions in the life of a student, we comprehend that their cognitive abilities are diminished, their energy is depleted, their sense of being is lost and that their social life is not a realized reality. We have an idea that they are searching for some sort of help and assistance, as they feel completely devoid of any sense of sanity and stability. Hence, in such circumstances, the best option available at their behest is to make use of our custom dissertation writing service and dissertation experts. As our specialists have a wide pool of augmented knowledge pertaining to various facets of different subject matters, thus they can write astutely and adeptly within being held by any constraints. All our academic writers are well-equipped with the proper know-how of a dissertation format, and they, therefore, can provide excellent dissertation support.

Moreover, writing any academic project can be a mere task, it can be easily dealt with, but dissertation writing is a task that requires an innate ability to compose words into a coherent whole, it requires the capacity to research extensively and compartmentalize information in a structured and formal manner, whilst pairing it with excellent proofreading and editing. Nonetheless, not every individual has to be equipped with the consolidation of these skills, there is always a possibility that a particular student might lack a specific capability. For this reason, students should make their way towards our foremost dissertation help service and one of the best dissertation writing services in the US in order to find relief from the daunting task of writing a dissertation. Thus, evade all your ‘how to write a dissertation proposal’ thoughts when you have us.


We provide students with the best academic writing services, be it essays, assignments, and dissertations. We have real Ph.D. scholars available for live sessions with you.



Get assistance to get your complete thesis written or even different components of your thesis written. We can help you with literature review, research methodology, analysis of results and writing conclusions.


The quality and caliber of content we write for your dissertation, enables it to be published, as the sources and research utilized are authentic and accurate.


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We usually have frantic and anxious customers calling us in a state of perplexity and puzzlement. We, therefore, have set a range of services that can cater to their needs, without leaving them with no solutions for their dilemmas.

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Essay Writing

Essays are a task that are handed out to students on a regular basis. They require the student to always be on top of their game to produce excellent work. The subject matter is always diverse, the word count is typically painstakingly long and the research process is exhaustive. Hence, we have created such an essay help facility, which enables our customers to avail expert help.

Editing & Proofreading

One of the most prominent facets which tends to arise when discussing academic writing is the need to edit and proofread. However, not every student is diligent and meticulous enough to sift through the content. In such cases, they should make use of our professional dissertation editors as our dissertation editing rates are economical and affordable.

Assignment Writing

Assignment writing is a task that requires a lot from the student in question, it demands a copious amount of research, time, energy reserves and an impeccable prose style. Thus, when lacking such skills, then derives the need to make use of our experts to enrich your academics.

Coursework Writing

Do you lack the time to write your lengthy and elaborate coursework piece? Are you feeling under the weather? Are you in desperate need of some sort of support? Then communicate your apprehensions with our coursework writing team, and they shall equip you with precisely what you demand.

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is probably one of the most daunting and challenging tasks that is assigned to a student. It demands an extensive know-how, a skill to research diligently and an inherent talent to imbue finesse into the writing craft. Therefore, when lacking such a proficiency, then make use of our dissertation help and acquire the support of our dissertation consulting.

These aforementioned services are what we present to our customers when they feel helpless and abandoned. Therefore, to help reduce this feeling of misery and anguish, we at Dissertation Firm have transplanted our focus and attention towards the progress of our customer’s wellbeing.


What Our Customers Say

"I am Student of Business Management Faculty. I was stuck in the analysis section of my research. Dissertation Firm helped me with the analysis of results. They offered me a scholar who helped me to understand and write the analysis of my dissertation. My professors are really happy with the way I developed the analysis section."


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"Dissertation Firm helped me to write the literature review of my dissertation. They are truly the best available assistance for students. Thank you for being so reliable and steadfast with your support."


Hannah Waters
Final Year Student

"I was wondering about the title of the research. My area of interest was brand equity measurement. Dissertation Firm wrote an excellent academic project for me, with excellent research and they even submitted it on time."


Ella Stephens
Final Year Student


How We Work

We offer custom academic writing services to help you with essays, assignments, dissertations, theses, and coursework. We understand the needs of a lot of students who are capable or academically talented but since English isn’t a Language they are coherent in, hence they lack conveying their ideas due to grammar or their vocabulary. However, we have writers here who can save you from that.

Are You Looking For Assistance For Your Dissertation On Social Media?

There is an increased influx of customers invading the social media space to acquire dissertation writing help. However, this isn’t a place to go searching for academic assistance, there is a vast pool of unreliable and undependable writing services that have permeated the social media sphere, therefore the only reliable and trustworthy option is to head towards our dissertation writing assistance and dissertation website, as we promise to equip you with academic papers that you so very need and require.

As a consequence, emerges the time to shed the layer of reservations and qualms and instead jump onto the bandwagon of accessing dissertation writing help and dissertation writing tips by us. As we don’t wish to leave any of customers with thoughts such as ‘how to write a doctoral dissertation?’ when we have academic specialists on standby to help prepare brilliance emulated onto paper.

The eminence and reputation we have acquired is all due to our commitment, perseverance and resolve, that helps us to push the envelope and build new avenues of excellence, without surrendering to any compromise.


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