Dissertation Firm considers it obligatory on your part to carefully read the terms of our services and their stipulations before entering into an agreement with us. Furthermore, it is agreed that conducting a transaction with us means that the following terms and conditions have been acknowledged, read, and understood, by you.


You can communicate with us via Live Chat, Email, and Phone. All our information is available on our website. Our representatives are available round the clock (24/7) to respond to your queries.


You can pay us through PayPal or through a direct bank deposit. However, a delay in payment will result in a delay of delivery. Thus, pay your due amount right after you place your order. Our bank account details can be acquired from our customer care representatives.

Account Policy:

Our customers are responsible for their accounts. Therefore, we urge them to change the username and password provided by us, in order to safeguard themselves from any source of a security breach.

Policy Change:

The site changes frequently. Dissertation Firm has all the right to make changes (anytime) to the site, the policies and the terms of use without informing our customers. However, the changes will be viewable for the viewer to see on our website.

Liability Of The Company:

Our clients must understand that under no circumstances can Dissertation Firm be held responsible for damages caused by the utilization or misuse of the services rendered on this website.

Data Protection Policy:

We are strong adherents of the Data Protection Act and therefore no information will be made available to any third party. Until unless if demanded by a law agency

Cancellation policy:

  • If an order with a deadline of 48 hours is cancelled after 24 hours of placement, then the company will hold back 50% of the amount as service charges.
  • Order(s) placed on the deadline of 8 hours to 24 hours will not be liable for any refund.
  • Cancellation amount will be reimbursed after 25 to 30 business days from the time of cancellation.
  • Not all orders will be entitled to 100% refund.
  • For the dissertation, no cancellation after 72 hours of order placement will be entertained.

Revision Policy

  • We at Dissertation Firm are accountable to provide you unlimited revisions if in case our writer deviates from the initially mentioned criterion.
  • In circumstances when the initially specified specifications are inadequate. Then, we at Dissertation Firm will not be held responsible for carrying out any revisions. As a result, we urge our customers to provide us with detailed and comprehensive information regarding their criterion.
  • While we are carrying out revisions, we will not cater to any new instructions. Nevertheless, additional specifications can be added by paying a certain amount.
  • No revisions are catered to Sunday and public holidays.
  • For orders with a word count of 250-5000, revisions can be availed up to 15 days. After which, additional charges will be applied.
  • For orders that exceed a 5000-word count, revisions can be availed up to 30 days. After which, additional charges will be applied.
  • Orders with a 24-hour deadline will require 8-12 hours to be catered to after requesting for a revision.
  • Orders with a 48-hour deadline will require 24 hours to be catered to after requesting for a revision.
  • Orders with a word count of 5000-9750, will require 3 days for revisions to be carried out.
  • Orders that exceed the 10,000-word count will require 5-7 days for revisions to be carried out.

Refund Policy

  • While placing an order you must agree to given policies.
  • Any demand for refund will not be entitled to 100% money back.
  • The exception of full refund is only when a student receives a failing grade, i.e. F on the order delivered from our forum or if there is more than 30% plagiarism found in the order delivered by us.
  • Refund will only be issued to students after they provide authentic proof(s).
  • Refunds will not be furnished after 30 days of order delivery.
  • All orders claiming for a refund will be investigated thoroughly. This process may take 30 days.
  • If our customer has utilized our ‘revision’ service, then we will keep back 50% as a service charge.
  • The company will not process refunds for orders that were placed with a deadline of 48 hours and less.
  • The company will not process refunds for dissertations that were placed with a deadline of 10 days and less.

Privacy Policy

  • Information Gathering Policy: When any of our customers makes use of our services they have to provide their full name, phone number, address and their email address to gain our assistance.
  • Data Protection Act: We strictly follow the rules and guidelines mentioned in the Data Protection and Companies Act policy and therefore none of the information provided to us will be divulged to any third party, until unless commanded by a law agency.
  • Tracking Policy:Our customers should we well-aware of the fact that their IP address will be tracked when they visit our website. This is done to provide them with a more customised and tailored experience.
  • Private Details Access:Dissertation Firm has absolute access to your personal information. However, our customers can easily access this information by answering a secret question in order to confirm their identity.
  • Details Pertaining To Our Products & Services:The information regarding our products and services can be viewed on our website. The availability of disparate discounts and promotional offers will be relayed to our customer through an email or text on their designated phone number.

Disclaimer: Dissertation firm is an academic writing service that provides assistance to students. However, the assistance provided by us cannot be submitted by customers as their own work under any circumstances.