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Scope Of Dissertation: How Important Is It?

Imagine yourself writing a dissertation. Pick out a topic. For the sake of argument, how about you choose to study the weight gain problems of teenagers. Make that into your dissertation topic or statement. Right away you have a bigger problem on your hands than you could have ever imagined to yourself before.

Look at it this way. As soon as you have chosen to study the weight gain problems of teenagers, you are in deep trouble: this is because the title of the study is so vast that it is difficult to be able to handle. Consider for instance, the nationalities of those teenagers? What about teenagers with any medical or health problems? What are their demographics? What about their educational backgrounds? Do they have a history of abuse?

That is not all either. Teenagers are just the beginning. What weight gain problems are you talking about? Is it related to medical problems or eating disorders? This is why you need to really be very circumspect and limit your research in every possible way when beginning on your dissertation writing. Here is what you need to do:

  • As the above given examples will show, the importance of a clear question that will explain the dissertation is very important. Decide on just what you are planning to write about, as well as how you can limit the questions in the maximum possible ways. Constantly ask yourself why or how you are planning on addressing a certain issue and if there are any ways in which it could digress in any way.

Problems with digression: If a dissertation topic becomes too vast, it becomes impossible to handle all the research that goes with it as well as writing out all that research material in your own dissertation.

  • Decide on research methodologies. This again is essential because it will dictate the direction in which your dissertation will progress. Are you planning on going in for quantitative research or a qualitative research methodology that will eventually be your goal?

Problems with not deciding research methodologies: Not deciding on a research methodology beforehand proves problematic because it means that the student in question will not be able to decide on how they are going to proceed with the research. Eventually, this would mean that the student wastes time and effort deciding the right methodology for them.

  • Plan out how your dissertation will progress

Eventually, a dissertation writing means not just planning out what research question you will be working with, but you also need to decide on just how you will be carrying the rest of your research forward. This means ensuring that the work you are writing not only has a great research question, but an abstract, a statement and an introduction that will help to provide the work with greater validity.

Problems with not planning ahead of time: Writing out a dissertation is a long and tedious task. Most students realise too late that they are not prepared for it. This is where planning ahead helps. You can also get dissertation writing assistance from professional writers. Simply contact us at Dissertation Firm for help.