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Scope Of Dissertation: How Important Is It?

Imagine yourself writing a dissertation. Pick out a topic. For the sake of argument, how about you choose to study the weight gain problems of teenagers. Make that into your dissertation topic or statement. Right away you have a bigger problem on your hands than you could have ever imagined to yourself before. Look at […]

Quantitative Research: Tips and Tricks

Are you thinking about doing a quantitative research in social psychology as the research assignment given to you by your instructor? Are you lost about what you are supposed to do and how? Let us explain to you what your survey means and where it comes from. Quantitative research methods is basic gathering of data […]

APA vs. MLA: What Style Guide Do I Use

A new day, a new story, so you have been given your new assignment by your instructor and you are free to choose the styling format for the paper you submit. And you cannot even tell what is the difference between MLA and APA, so how to choose. APA stands for the American Psychological Association […]